Kalamata Olives


Kalamata for taste

Use genuine kalamata olives in your salads, only from Greece,for a better tasting experience 

A simple plate of Kalamata with extra virgin olive oil hat brings our flavor, freshness and quality.

Who could resist them?  The most famous olives from Greece, can not be compared in taste and quality to any other, all over the world.  Flesh is very strong due to tannin, color is black-purple-brown, and shape almost like almond distinctive.  

Kalamata variety is grown mainly in Aitoloakarnania prefecture (western Greece) Fthiotis (Central Greece) and Lakonia (Peloponnese- south Greece).   

You can find the authentic ones stated as Kalamata, Calamata or Kalamon olives only from Greek processing companies coming from Greek grown trees.

Did you know?

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Did you know?

The Kalamata prefecture where the POD Kalamata on these olives takes its name, accounts for less than 10% of the Kalamata olives variety grown in Greece.  All packaging, and only for an EU member destination, should be stated on labels with the official variety name as known in Greece: Kalamon Olives

KALAMATA OLIVES product specifications