How many varieties of olives there are?

In Greece, it is estimated that there are around 38 varieties of olives. The name and their distinction is based on the morphological characteristics, such as the appearance of the tree, the leaves, the fruit, the core, the relationship of the flesh to the core and other traits which make fruit and help to distinguish the different varieties. In our effort to classify the olives arrive at our table, we present three representative categories Greek table olives:

Green Olives - This variety matures relatively early and the crop is between November and December. The fruit is yellow-green color and not fading into black as it is in other varieties. Has an asymmetric shape and is usually used as a table olive pate, but often find them stuffed with almonds and pepper.

Black “konservolia” Olives - The harvest of this variety depends on how ripe the fruit is. The size of the olive is also fairly high as respectively and weight. Due to the fact that this particular variety tends to give olive oil of lower quality than other varieties, mainly is used as table olive or pate.

Kalamata “Kalamon” Olives - The best time for the harvest of this variety is between December and January. Harvesting is done only when the color of the fruit has become completely black. It has an asymmetric shape and the weight of the fruit is sufficiently increased. The tree of Kalamon is able to withstand all temperatures change giving excellent results. This variety is worldwide the most famous olive table.